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Higher Self Massage Services

Mindful Reflexology (Feet and/or Hands):

20 min. $35.00

Tranquility Massage:

Relaxation massage enhanced with the aroma of  tranquility blend to maximize your massage experience. Service includes the gift of Pure Comfort Zone Tranquility Blend....an elite fragrance oil plus healing hands that will soothe the most distressed of muscles. The Beautiful Tranquility Blend is yours to keep after the massage is completed.

30 min. $135.00

Therapeutic Massage:

30 min. $55.00

60 min. $75.00

Basic Relaxation Massage . Simple, Beautiful & Healing. Only the Therapist 's touch is used in a gentle way to soothe away tension & tired muscles. (No essential oils or hot stone treatment in this massage)

90 min. $120.00

Beautiful Bump: PreNatal Massage:

30 min. $60.00

60 min. $80.00

Pillows surround the mother to be, on a cloud of softness to comfort mother and baby. Soothe tired feet, release anxiety and stress..... breathe in oxygen and positivity in a loving environment.

90 min. $120.00

Indigo Massage

Experience Indigo's Signature, Tranquility Oil...this premium oil will be used  throughout your massage. All incorporated are Hot stone's, warm himalayan Salt stones or specialized crystals. You will choose what pressure your body needs. This signature massage will allow you to enjoy the finest work of our therapist's while allowing your body to fully accept treatment. Yoga Balm will is also included along with minor energy work in this one of a kind Massage!

20 min. $60.00

50 min. $80.00

90 min. $120.00

Crystal Light Energy Balancing:

Crystal Light Energy Balancing: Balance the body, Meditate & open Chakra points, Enjoy the soothing energy balancing of this meditation massage. Very similar to Reiki & Craniosacral work except with the addition of Raindrop therapy & Crystal Healing. The focus on energy in this unique treatment.

60 min. $90.00

90 min. $120.00

River Stone Hot Stone Massage

Using smooth Baltic Stones warmed to perfection to ease overstressed muscles. This massage incorporates hot stone work throughout the massage that are infused with essential oils. Perfect for the cold natured client or especially in the winter months. this massage will heighten all relaxation thru the magic of the stones.

60 min. $90.00

90 min. $120.00

Couples Massage:

Treat one another to the gift of massage. Lay side by side in the massage suite while expert care is given to tired muscles. Let our professionals relax you, be it a special occasion or just date night.... Indigo Spa will coax you and yours into a relaxation state of mind.

50 min. $165.00

Add on to any services:

Hand and/or Foot treatment that uses pressure points to heal and align the body. This specific healing service  is perfect as a add-on service or alone.